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Beauty, Style, Sustainability & Function

When it comes to creating a stunning, sustainable landscape for your family, we balance clean, beautiful design and a commitment to the environment. Inspired by your ideas we’ll help you go beyond a backyard to create a sustainable, outdoor retreat.

Ideas and Resources

Earthbound Trees is pleased to offer a variety of resources to help you choose the perfect tree. Learn about types of trees and their benefits to outdoor spaces.

Our Trees

Choose from over 100 varieties of native, ornamental and international species that offer shade, privacy, division, flowering, evergreen or leaf trees.

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We would love to offer you pricing for your outdoor project. Let us know how we can help by emailing us or submitting our short request for information here.

Earthbound Kids

Kids and trees. It’s only natural.  The Earthbound Tree farm is also the setting for Earthbound Kids outdoor summer camps, school trips and family outings.