Protect the future with trees

Trees naturally filter the air and water, reduce noise pollution and provide habitat for birds and animals. Strategically planted trees can shade our homes to reduce indoor temperatures and save energy for air conditioners in summer and provide windbreaks to reduce heating bills in winter.

By planting trees, each of us contribute to a healthier environment while adding beauty and function to our homes. Consider the following:

A typical person consumes about 385 lbs of oxygen per year.  A healthy, fully grown tree produces about 250 lbs of oxygen annually thereby combating greenhouse gasses.

Tree windbreaks have been found to reduce residential heating costs by 10-15%.

Trees provide habitat, food and shelter for many birds and animals.

Trees intercept precipitation through their leaves and root systems and  reduce the volume of water going into cities’ storm sewers.

Toronto’s urban forest currently covers approximately 17% of the city, this needs to increase to 30-40% for a healthy sustainable forest that will improve our air and water quality.

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