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Natural beauty that never goes out of style...

Trees you will appreciate every day.

Trees have a natural beauty that never goes out of style. And as they provide lasting beauty they also cool our homes with shade, provide privacy, protect the ground water and clean our air.

The advantage of planting Earthbound mature trees is that you receive all these benefits immediately. We have very large trees for estate properties and varieties for smaller and narrow urban yards.

Native Trees

Earthbound plants, grows and transplants quality trees of all sizes and varieties. While we strongly support the growing trend toward native, more sustainable trees we are pleased to source all varieties including ornamental and internationally grown species.

International and Ornamental Species

Our prime concern is for your trees to be hearty and thrive in your yard. We will help you select a variety that will satisfy your aesthetic preferences, meet your functional expectations and grow well in your location.

All Earthbound trees are grown in the best agricultural soil and transplanted under optimum conditions.

Earthbound Trees come with easy to understand care and maintenance instructions and a 2 year guarantee.

Our tree specialists make planning and species selection simple, and your choice meaningful.

We help you select trees to suit your style and function.

View our Tree Availability to see what is currently for order

We invite you to visit our farm to see how our trees are grown and learn more about our services. And bring the kids. They love our play barn.