Outdoor Playful Spaces

Kids and the outdoors. It’s a natural idea, and an idea that Earthbound Trees is proud to help build. Our playscapes are an all-natural alternative to traditional playgrounds. We take our knowledge of trees and nature, and combine that with our passion for landscaping, to create a unique play structure that lasts a lifetime.

Our popular playscapes allow children to play in, and with, nature. Our playscapes are all natural and made from high quality timber. We can provide anything from a single log structure, all the way to a 100 square foot multi-structured playground. What better way for a child to play than in a natural and safe setting that connects them to nature.

Why should you choose a natural playscape?


Safe & Risk Managed

Recreational & Educational

Creative & Interactive

Hands on Learning

Looks & Feels Like Nature

How are our natural playgrounds beneficial to children?

Cognitive & Emotional Development

Social Participation

Attention Span

Motor Ability

Physical Coordination


Risk Management

Creativity & Imagination

To learn more about Earthbound natural playscapes or to discuss your project please contact us.