Landscape designs for your lifestyle.

Earthbound Trees will help you create a green space which is functional, sustainable, easy to care for and aesthetically stunning. Using trees as the focal point, our designers deliver custom designs and personal attention from concept to completion. They balance clean, beautiful designs with a commitment to the environment.

How we work:

We begin by learning about your personal style and functional requirements –

We’ll visit you at your home – Learn what you want to achieve with your yard. Does an existing tree need to come down? Do you have a privacy issue you’d like resolved?

Help you understand what you can do and what you need.

Suggest what would be best for your yard in terms of your specific space, light, soil conditions…

We then create a landscape plan and drawings with your input. Our designs range from $300 to $1,000 depending on the size of your yard

If you have an architect, designer or contractor creating your plans, we can collaborate with them at no cost.

To book an appointment please call 905-642-6087